D, Davide, Me and Peter Parker

Saturday, July 24th, 2004 | Film, Friends

D, Davide, and I were Down-With-Love bears tonight, eating popcorn and watching Spiderman in our jammies. Peter Parker was the perfect date for these Down-With-Love girls. D needed to get away for the night and hadn’t seen the first Spidey, so I said we could have a pajama party at my place. D’s snoozing away now in Manny’s old PJ’s, as I blog and Davide surfs in the kitchen. Earlier D and I took a trip up to Sonoma County for the best hamburger in the Bay Area, and then a hike along the Bolinas Ridge trail. The fog and breeze made the hike very dramatic, like a Terence Malick film. We then zipped back to town for the very solid The Clearing, with stellar understated performances by Robert Redford, Hellen Mirren and Willem Dafoe, and Mole Poblano at El Toreador. I don’t have much interesting to say about today, it was just fun, no metaphors or profound thoughts, just a nice day with my dear friends. And now, to sleep. Nighty night cats and kittens.

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