Jim and Morissey

Thursday, August 5th, 2004 | Performance

Jim Brashear’s multimedia refraction of Morrisey at New College last night was just stellar. Jim’s this really big hairy guy, I mean, really big, and like really hairy. He’s been one of the top models at Studio Coco for years, always available, always willing to have water sprayed on him, plunked in a bubble bath, or nearly set on fire. Anyway, his performace included a clever video of Freud discussing vanity, mothers, and homosexuality; Jim singing variations of Smiths songs in his deep lush voice; a tour-de-force-lipsynching that evolved into a strange and wonderful sculptural face twisting; another video combining scenes of Elvis from Jailhouse Rock with images of Morrisey, very fragmented and nearly hysterical, accompanied by Jim singing bits of Smiths’ songs and miming Elvis’ pelvis thrusting. If you went to art school, you had to sit through dozens of performances like this, but Jim’s connection to the material, his gorgeous and confident, rich voice, and the compelling visuals made it all come together in a fresh way.

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