Broken Laptop, Tom & Me, Neel

Saturday, August 7th, 2004 | Film, Friends

I actually BROKE my beloved G4 laptop last night. Opening it gently, as I always do, and CRACK, the hinge snapped like a potato chip, and the monitor went black. I’m experiencing phantom word processing. Oh the pain… I’ll be posting some fabulous little things on eBay later in the week to raise the funds for my replacement limb, so stay tuned…

So I saw Collateral today, deciding I needed to get out of this horrible sun storm. It was actually quite good, with excellent performances, beautiful photography, and edge-of-your-seat tension. Michael Mann’s getting better, and yes, even Tom Cruise, although in attempting to make him look older, by graying his hair, they ended up just making him look silly. I feel like we grew up together, me and Tom, so he has a special little place in my shrunken heart.

Neel is going to be staying a few days in my studio, so come on over and say howdy. I think I should just forget about art making and open a home for wayward homos. Are you, too, about to be homeless? Look no more, my back door’s always open.

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