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Monday, August 9th, 2004 | Performance, The Dating Game

If you people haven’t seen Dave’s comedy sketch group, Uphill Both Ways yet, then get thee to the Shelton Theater for a really good laugh.  BC and I went last night, after trying to undo the latest technological meltdown at Casa Coco–this time we deleted all of the files on my surviving computer. Chris was an absolute angel to throw so much time and energy at the problem. As my last backup was in May, 2003, all of my work and data from the past year have been lost. Some good news is that I’m able to use my laptop if I never close or jiggle it. Oh well… so Dave was a big fly in one hilarious sketch about the 1-minute life span of a fly, and luckily Big Chris and I had empty seats next to us to flop around in, for we were laughing like giggling sea lions, flopping all over the front row. The guy sitting a few seats to my right, looking suspiciously like a friend of the family, turned out to be a fellow blogger, Shnitzmi.  Perhaps because Chris and I had just seen Six Feet Under a few moments before, the Brenda Chenowith in me responded a little too vaguely to his inquiry about our relationship status. BC seemed unphased. Hopefully I won’t be given 2 more opportunities to deny my savior. Stay tuned for next week’s show…

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