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Saturday, September 11th, 2004 | Friends, Gay

The Muffin Man swept into town, and got all of the LiveJournal folk together in a place where alcoholic beverages were forbidden–and in daylight–under the palms of Dolores Park, for a picnic. It was jarring to meet people whose 100-square-pixel representations I had already developed intimate relationships with.  Bigredpaul, just stunning in his Van Gogh in Arles get-up, and I discussed this a bit, and I realized why I felt no compulsion to interact meaningfully with anyone in particular. I was seeing people who I’d spent the last several years with, who tell me everything that’s going on, everyday, without a moment’s break. Enough meaning, and pass me another fried chicken leg.

Big Chris has abandoned me. Or, rather, I’ve told him to abandon me. How do you kids stay up so late? I can’t wait to be older. Then it’ll seem normal my wanting to curl up to Flannery O’Connor instead of Samuel Adams. Have one for me, okay? Nighty night cats and kittens.

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