Burble Burble

Monday, October 18th, 2004 | Travel

The Big Chrissy and I made our way north this weekend, to share a quiet moment between changing jobs and projects, and hopefully presidential administrations. We stopped at the Cornerstone Festival of Gardens in Sonoma, a collection of every-changing garden installations designed by top landscape architects and designers, including: Topher Delaney, one of my favorite minimalist garden designers; Claude Cormier, who transformed a dead tree with blue plastic Christmas bulbs; Roger Raiche, who brazenly announced the death of the formal garden by plowing his monstrous exotics through the entry garden at the GG Park Arboretum, much too closely planted, too, and through the lovely box hedges, but his contribution to Cornerstone whimsically integrated a large corrugated steel pipe into his interesting mix of color of form; and Andy Cao, who created a very sensuous hilly landscape drawing the viewer towards a hole, from which burbled the sounds of Vietnamese lullabies–just delightful. The rain was a special treat, and we pretty much holed up in our B&B, burbling our own lullabies by the River’s edge.

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