A New Phone

Wednesday, November 10th, 2004 | Uncategorized

Remember in those 1940’s films–Don Ameche or Robert Montgomery is dining at some swank Big Apple nightclub, Frances Langford is crooning about how falling in love with love is falling for make be-lieve, he gets a phone call and the waiter brings the phone to him and sets it down on a portable telephone stand? My home overhaul is nearly complete… I’m stepping into a new era of communication and portability, replacing my candlestick phone and Victorian plant stand with a vintage Western Electric Model 202 phone and vintage telephone stand! Progress happens slowly here at Casa Coco. I love objects from past eras. (Plus I just can’t afford well-made things from this era.) BC and I even talked about advertising ourselves as “Eames Era” at one point, in a brief moment of mid-century camaraderie. Most of my previous boyfriends were from past eras, too (They matched my decorating scheme).

Anyway, here’s what my new phone experience is going to look like (sans the Bat Phone): Isn’t the design the bee’s knees?

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