Visitors From the South

Monday, April 25th, 2005 | Family, Friends

Tthe other night we all went over to my brother Mark’s house for dinner. Mark’s mother-in-law, Joe Mamma, was in town, so everyone was asked to bring at least two bottles of white wine to keep her in her cups. As I arrived Mark announced that Jackie, his high school–one of his high school–girlfriends was coming with her current husband, Johnny, the older brother of one our best childhood buddies. My palms immediately started sweating. I had been very fond of Jackie back then, but remember a wild breakup and lots of sparks and drama, even by high school standards. Jackie and Johnny arrived and swept me off my feet back to Dixie and southern fried repartee. There is something so endearing and sweet about southerners, I want to rub them all over me. I didn’t want to leave either, and after being kicked out with my other Super Bears, actually invited myself along with them the next day for a visit to the wine country in Johnny’s brother’s vintage convertible Cutlass Supreme. Jackie is the daughter of the mayor of a small town in Alabama, who has been in and out office for as long as I’ve known Jackie (24 years). Jackie is still a wild one, but her temperament is matched by that of her husband, who is mellow and easy. Jackie does the talking. They are partners in a law firm called “Wesson and Wesson.” When asked, “ the oil?” Jackie replies, “No, like the gun.” Jackie handles all the confrontational cases, and Johnny the ones that don’t involve betrayal or blackmail. She has found her perfect mate. 14 or so years together and they still hold hands in the backseat of the car. Jackie and Johnny’s relationship is like the way the scales of justice should be, perfectly balanced.

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