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Thursday, April 28th, 2005 | Art

Okay, so this dealer dude in New York sends me this note asking me to submit work for an art fair, to which I submit several ideas, and then today I get this…

Listen, I really think we have something hot here with your work and I think we can push you right into the limelight. Can I call you on the phone?

This has happened before. They get all excited, then Eve Harrington comes along. When I showed my San Francisco dealer my proposal for my first show with her, she said “You’re going to make me rich,” and instead, only a single lesbian heiress, who was obsessed with my sister, bought anything. She bought a lot, but still.


It’s hard not to get excited, to not think that maybe this time something might happen. Is this the way everybody thinks? Norma Shearer walks into the manager’s office and notices a picture of the manager’s daughter, thinks she’s pretty, and then makes Janet Leigh an MGM star? Janet couldn’t act, had no aspirations to be in films. That’s what I want!

I’ve been asked to come up with a proposal to represent his gallery at a second art fair and the deadline is Friday. Tomorrow. Better get to it…

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