Alone, and Having a Swell Time

Thursday, September 1st, 2005 | Film, Food

Big Chrissy and The Deanosaurus have abandoned me for the evening, so rather than going out with friends or doing something intellectually or culturally stimulating, I decided to just be with me and have a mellow evening at home. I’m so easy to get along with, and I don’t have to change my clothes or wash my armpits. Our date began with Wong Kar-Wai’s pretty lousy first film effort, As Tears Go By, with maybe a few brief glimpses at a different director cowering under John Woo’s shadow, but generally little indicating the genius about to sweep filmdom with his dynamic emotion-based editing and disjunct color-saturated longing. But it was nice just being with me, and not worrying about disappointing my date or struggling to contextualize such a humdrum film. Me and I then cooked ourselves pesce all’aqua pazza, a fiery southern-Italian fish dish well-suited to the chilly evening and our flaming dispositions, served over some crusty old bread, and accompanied by a salad and some of the finest watermelon this side of Jefferson County. Now we’re finishing up our wine and giggling as we paw each other playfully before bellybucking our way towards a blissful close to the evening’s festivities, knowing full well that this is the month that The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek, Preston Sturges’ masterpiece (forget what they say about Sullivan’s Travels, this is it), and Naked are coming out on DVD–bookends of independent filmmaking brilliance. I’m the only one who could possibly be turned on simultaneously by my Eddie Bracken imitation and David Thewliss’ abjection… Oh Coco!

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