Pappardelle Tonight

Friday, October 28th, 2005 | Food

For dinner this evening I made “Pappardelle con sugo di coniglio,” or pappardelle with rabbit sauce, one of my favorite northern Italian dishes. Momentarily setting aside my vegifishitarianism, it was intended for Philip, who came over for dinner Wednesday night, but he, and then Peter and Luis, and then this friend and that friend, all pleaded a fear of my bunny-infused concoction. Have you seen Repulsion? Well, I didn’t want the bunny to end up like Catherine Deneuve’s bunny, or me to end up like Catherine Deneuve at the end of this weekend, so I thought I’d make it for Reese–he eats anything, but he decided to stay with his moms tonight and finish his Halloween costume. Who to call? I asked Michael and Andrew, but they were busy, Rainey didn’t answer the phone–Hong Xi! I’ve seen her eat the organ meat of animals that I thought were endangered. So she’s on the way. I wish I could share this with all of you–it took half the day to make and came out really really good. The house smells like that of a rowdy Tuscan gourmande. Mangia, mangia!

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