40th Birthday Dinner #4: D

Thursday, November 10th, 2005 | 40th Birthday, Food, Friends

D, my first Hairy Supermodel and muse, my former lover temporarily taking up residence in my tiny studio downstairs, my–Norma Desmond’s–Max, decided on Malacca as the destination of my fourth intimate 40th birthday dinner. It’s a new restaurant on 18th, where Hot N’ Hunky used to be, named after a major port along the old Spice Route. The cuisine is a clever and tasty fusion of Asian and European cuisines and flavors. We shared a mixed plate of appetizers, all with interesting tangy dipping sauces and fruity marinades; a salad of mixed greens, shrimp and mango; pork loin served with a sweet potato puree, broccoli, and something else; “Portuguese Noodles” served with potatoes, pearl onions, veggies and a dreamy peanut mango sauce; a pyramid-shaped cheesecake for desert, and blood orange sorbet. Tal-ky tal-ky talky happy talk, talk about food you like to eat.

There’s just too much to say about Dean. Our relationship is an After-School Special at least, a Jackie Collins epic, or a 16 hour Fassbinder flick. He alternately frustrates and delights me, providing me with the highest and lowest extremes of pleasure and pain, and, despite putting a curse on me and clogging my pipes with his fur, will always be a cherished part of me, my irrational and emotional super id über bear.

Enough with the “woofs” already!

Birthday Suit #4 D

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